Monday, 20 May 2013

Welcome to Gyroza

Hello planeswalker, you've come far from the beaten path of the inner worlds if you've stumbled upon this reality. My name is Ghalii, Goddess of Life, Death, Fate and Rebirth. I alone, of all the Gods and Mortals, know all the secrets of these worlds, though it is not impossible that I am mistaken.

Welcome to a reality where there are less than a dozen gods, each embraces both darkness and light in their duel natures - and balances upon the brink of sanity to do so.

It may surprise you, then, that the prime world of Gyroza itself is a relatively peaceful place. The orcs, goblins, kobolds and ogres are not as warlike and savage here, nor as given to worship of evil. Many have settled into tribes and territories and their local wars and raids are little worse than human barbarians might engage in. Similarly there are no evil empires to challenge - the old Armillian Empire conquered all it's rivals in the last great age and was only as guilty of the sorts of localised unpleasantness that such continent-spanning kingdoms frequently suffer from - and the Empire has been shrinking for hundreds of years now.

This relative peace has seen cities expand beyond their walls, wars become formalised and almost polite and nations less interested in foreign concerns beyond the desire for trade. Adventurers are unheard of as a profession and those with the desire for adventure become explorers, soldiers, pirates or bandits.

The world of Gyroza, or at least that part of it that makes up the kingdoms of the Triple Continent, is a stable, civilised place - utterly unprepared for the war that is coming. A great invasion from a direction not so much unexpected as completely unknown.

It is on the eve of this calamity that adventurers may arise. Drawn together seemingly by random chance and placed onto the path of fate to try to stem the tide of a darkness that no-one yet sees coming. A handful of courageous but inexperienced souls set against the armies of an entire world.