Introduction - The World of Gyroza

The world of Gyroza is less black and white than many similar worlds in the multiverse; there is less true good and beauty to be found but also less pure, malevolent evil.  Alignments are less clear-cut and even worshipping the dark aspect of one of the ten dual-natured gods does not make the worshipper necessarily evil (though many ordinary folk are less than clear on the distinction).  Similarly many races considered wholly evil on other worlds are more likely to have a fair number of neutral and even good individuals among them.  Orcs, for example, though still violent and uncivilised are not all actively pursuing evil goals – many live relatively peacefully alongside humans and neighbours of other races and they are an occasional sight in human cities. Kobolds are renowned for their unpleasant personal habits and their delight in small cruelties but they are also known for strong miners, canny traders and the best trapsmiths one can hire (with careful supervision).  Indeed some of the more successful Kobold merchants are welcomed among the big city trading guilds – especially the ones who have learned to wash occasionally.  Goblins and Gnolls, alas, seem to be beyond redemption.

Tribes of orcs, goblins and kobolds are fairly common on Gyroza.  Elves are much less common, indeed there are very few (mainly outcasts and the occasional observer) even in the largest cities and only great forests such as the Unending Forest still play home to secretive elven settlements.  Elven traits among humans are, however, fairly common, lasting between six and ten generations so that a human who has never even seen a live elf but has some vestige of elven blood is referred to as Half-Elven.  Half-orcs are, unsurprisingly, quite common as well.  There are a number of dwarven cities in the mountains of Gyroza and their societies range from slightly insular to completely cut off from the outside world.  Thus dwarves are also a rare sight in human cities.  Halflings are everywhere, making up a large minority in many cities (especially Ghalii’s Gate, though a few, including Sentinel City, have passed laws denying them residence).  Gnomes are rarer (There are small communities in Ghalii’s Gate and GiXor and there are even rumoured to be a handful in Anvil) living mostly in small, remote and well-concealed underground communities.    

The concept of ‘adventurer’ as a trade is practically unknown in the world – though there are myths of wandering heroes in many cultures, actually taking such a role up as a career choice is unheard of.  Instead those of a questing or wandering spirit tend to find organisations that they can join that will support such activities. 

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