Character Classes

Rangers are generally either scouts working for their home city military or hunters and trackers (both of game and as bounty hunters) working for themselves.  They tend to worship Genera, Lupan or Tempess the Calm.

Druids can be woodsmen, farmers or simply loners, but they are all members of the Brotherhood of the Wild and are rarely seen in cities.  They tend to worship Genera, Ghalii, Tempess and Philia the Wild.

Rogues can be found anywhere there is money to be made, the largest Thieves Guild in the world is based out of Ghalii’s Gate but the wealthiest rogues are those hired by politicians in GiXor (indeed many successful GiXorian politicians are former rogues themselves).  Rogues worship Gyros Nightbringer, Lupan the Predator, Olich, Locus or Ghalii.

Bards vary greatly throughout the world.  The Armillian Castrati are considered the most accomplished singers while Blackvale’s solo musicians are renowned for their formal playing.  The flowing, improvised music of Ghaliian street bands is primal and powerful while Sentinel’s choral singers have a deeply spiritual impact.  The bard-poets of the Orc tribes of the Wild Plains can stir their fellows to great courage or strike fear in their enemies’ hearts.  Bards worship varies greatly, though Locus and Tempess the Calm are generally considered the patron deities of wandering musicians.

Barbarians are common throughout Gyroza but relatively rare in the Alliance.  Most are orcs, humans or half-orcs from the Wild Plains to the east.  A few human and half-elf barbarians from the mysterious tribes of the Unending Forest wind up in the southern cities and occasionally a tribal warrior from a distant shore will be shanghaied aboard some vessel and flee once the ship reaches port in Blackvale.  Barbarians tend to worship Genera, Lupan, Ghalii, Philia the Wild, Tempess or Infii.

Paladins are very rare outside of the Lupan Protectorate of Sentinel City, though some exist under different titles.  Armillia has its elite Fire, Wind and Water warriors, Anvil has its Judexes and there are many groups dedicated to Gyros throughout the world.  There are even rumoured to be a group of Halflings who call themselves the Chosen of Locus.

Clerics of low level are relatively common, especially in Sentinel City, and can be seen to worship any of the gods.  Many will worship one aspect of their patron god, seeing themselves as part of the struggle against the deity’s opposing personality.

Monks are similarly fairly common, especially in Ghalii’s Gate where the unusually colourful monks of the Children of Ghalii are based.  The majority are of Neutral alignment and worship their patron Undivided.

Fighters are among the most highly trained soldiers of any nations military.  In GiXor they are commonly bodyguards and in Ghalii’s Gate they may be mercenaries, private militiamen or particularly skilled gang members.  Fighters follow Lupan, Gyros, Kodir or Philia.

Sorcerers are more common in the Armillian Empire, GiXor and Ghalii’s Gate and other areas of the world where magic is less formally taught.  Barbarian tribes in the wild plains are occasionally led by sorcerers.  In Sentinel they are considered extremely dangerous but in Anvil it is thought that a small group of highly specialised Sorcerers are kept on hand for emergencies and for the creation of magic items. Sorcerers worship Philia the Wild, Tempess, Infii, Gyros and Kodir the Destroyer.

Wizards are trained in only a few places in the world; most notably in Blackvale and the Blue Stone Kingdoms to the East.  A number of wizards have travelled to GiXor in order to study the city and the ruins of the forest and there are others scattered throughout the Five Cities territory.  There are a number of Enchanters in Armoury and the dwarves tolerate their presence but refuse them entry to Anvil.  Sentinel City has a small cadre of wizards who follow Lupan or Gyros and have sworn their lives to the defence of the city.  Other wizards are grudgingly welcome to visit but cannot stay longer than two weeks.  Wizards outside of Sentinel City usually follow Philia the Civil, Gyros, Tempess or Infii.  Necromancers look to Olich the Corruptor and Genera the Decayer - Ghalii despises the undead.

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